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  • Arts

  • Movies

  • Life Skills

  • Games

  • Music & Dancing

  • Fitness

  • STEM

  • Workshops


We are excited to share with you details about our new initiative, the 'Integrated Support Hub: Nurturing Creativity and Community.

The 'Integrated Support Hub' program is housed in a 600-square-foot space dedicated to serving as a resource center for children and adults with disabilities, along with their families. Our primary objective is to create a warm and nurturing environment that extends beyond artistic empowerment, providing vital support to families and individuals facing diverse challenges.

 Uplifting and strengthening our community through the following key focus areas:

  • Community Empowerment: Foster a sense of empowerment and belonging through artistic expression, skill development, and community engagement.

  • Accessible Resources: Ensure families have easy access to information, resources, and services tailored to their unique situations and requirements.

  • Essential Needs Assistance: Distribute essential items like food and clothing, addressing immediate needs and enhancing overall well-being.

  • Collaborative Partnerships: Establish collaborations with local organizations and businesses to expand the range of services and resources available to the community.

  • Activities: Arts, Movies, Life Skills, Games, Karaoke & Dancing, Fitness, STEAM, Workshops, and more.  

The 'Integrated Support Hub' program aims to create a lasting positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families, contributing to a more inclusive and supportive community.

We believe that we can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need it most. If you are interested in learning more about our program or discussing potential collaboration opportunities, please feel free to reach out to us.

We do need volunteers and donations to fund our center and item donations as well. 

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